Things I did today when I should have been working

>> Friday, May 26, 2017

Used a butter knife to scrape off paint splatters from my dressing table mirror.

Stuck two postcards on my wall.

Read blogs about oil pulling and then rinsed my mouth with coconut oil for 20 minutes.

Added a face wash, a body wash, and a body lotion to my cart on Nykaa. Did not check out.

Added a poster of Van Gogh’s Almond Blossom (to go with the postcards on my wall) to my Amazon cart. Did not check out.

Added a map of Delhi to my Amazon cart. Did not check out.

Tried selling my couch online.

Read blogs about reupholstering furniture.

Spoke to a friend on the phone. Told him I had only a little work left and that I couldn’t wait to get done with it.

Cleaned the bedside table.

Cleaned the sink.

Put a honey oatmeal mask on my face.

Bought dental floss on Amazon.

Replaced my toothbrush with a new one.

Watched half an episode of Star Trek.

Read half a Manto short story.

Added 5 books to my Goodreads to-read shelf.

Washed off the honey oatmeal face mask.

Watched an ASMR video where a woman pretending to be a receptionist checked me into a hotel in Japan and told me about the hot springs I could visit in town.

Watched an ASMR video where the same woman, now pretending to be an executive at Nordstrom, spoke about spring fashion while pointing at images in a fashion catalog.

Watched part of an ASMR video where a woman shaped my eyebrows. She pretended to put numbing gel above my eyes and then plucked out stray hairs. It was very relaxing.

Made this list.



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